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Groups with 1 to 9 employees

We've got you covered

Let your ONPHA membership give you access to better rates and more comprehensive coverage for your employees than you would otherwise get on your own!

Choose the plan that fits your organization:

Group with 1 to 9 employees



1Basic coverage
Plan 1 offers a complete basic coverage package that includes life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, employee and family assistance program, and long-term disability.
Basic life insurance 2 times annual salary, up to $100,000
Accidental death & dismemberment An additional 2 times annual salary, up to $100,000
Employee & Family Assistance Confidential counselling via face to face, video or online chat, to help employees manage work, health and life challenges.
Long-term disability 66.7% of monthly salary up to $5,000
Note: Long-term disability benefits start on the 120th day of disability and continue to age 65. Payments are offset by workers' compensation and CPP/QPP disability benefits.

2 Basic coverage + Extended health care
Plan 2 includes everything from Plan 1 and adds extended health care coverage.
Prescription drugs 100% (ONPHA staff pay  the dispensing fee(s))
Glasses or contacts 100%, up to $100 every 24 consecutive months
Paramedical practitioners 100%, up to $500 each, per year
Other medical services and supplies (eg. hearing  aids, orthotics, private nursing, diabetic supplies, ambulance, etc.) 100%, some restrictions apply
medical emergencies
100%, up to 1,000,000 in
a lifetime
Note: There is no deductible (with the exception of the dispensing fee(s) that are the responsibility of ONPHA staff) and there is no annual lifetime maximum except for out-of-Canada coverage.

3 Basic coverage + Extended health care +Dental care
Plan 3 includes everything from Plan 2 and adds dental care coverage.
Basic services
(eg. checkups, x-rays, fillings and dental surgery)
Root canals and 100% periodontics
(treatment for gum disease)
Major restorative services
(eg. bridges, crowns or dentures)
Note: There is no deductible. Overall coverage is limited to $500 during the first calendar year; thereafter $1,500 per year. Payments are based on the current dental fee guide for each province.

4 Basic coverage + Extended health care
Dental care + Short-term disability + Human Resource Support Solutions
Plan 4 includes everything from Plan 3 and adds short-term disability coverage and Human Resource Support Solutions.
Short-term disability Coverage
Benefits (begin on the 15th calendar day of disability) 66.7% of salary, up to $642
per week for up to 15 weeks
Human Resource Support Solutions Toll free access to advice, legal expertise, tools and templates related to the art of Human Resources

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